Share Outlook® schedules in a group calendar and create appointments for others?..  All you need is a networked pc!

GroupCalendar™ for Outlook® 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007.  


Flexible -          
Easy to install -  
Easy to use -    
Effective -         
Real support -
Fair -
Works without a server and shows everyone's appointments on your mobile device calendar.
Start the setup, adjust one setting and your office has a shared calendar.
No actions required to share appointments with colleagues. Supports sharing of nothing-but selected items too.
appointments for others directly in the Group Calendar in Outlook.
expert helpdesk, response to
email questions in under one hour, direct connect phone hotline. Free!
Free 30 days trial with helpdesk. Try it, Use it, Test it. After purchase 3 years of free support and free updates,
no annual fees, no hidden additional costs.
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This product is End of life and no longer supported.
A better alternative is available as Exchange group calendar

If you however feel we should pick up development again of this product, do let us know!



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Example shows Outlook® 2000 with a GroupCalendar. All Outlook® versions are supported and can be used with the same Group Calendar.

More awards won by GroupCalendar

' I have spent literally hours trying the other packages.  What a waste of time....'


'What an excellent solution.  We can have people using outlook personal stores, or be on the exchange server, and we can integrate their activity in one location without having to manage an array of clients.  Bravo.'


'We just have a small office with PC’s running Windows XP and an Ethernet connecting them, but no server.  I was able to download your group calendar demo onto two machines and make it work just by putting the database in a shared folder on one of the computers and then accessing it from both computers via My Network Places...'

It's just what we need. We only want to share certain types of items from our personal Outlook calendar in the group calendar and your software makes that very easy.

A different view on the Group Calendar.   
The built-in GroupCalendar™ Grid View
© feature shows the available group calendar information in real time. 
With great filtering options and printable.    

The Group Calendar in Outlook as a regular Outlook calendar folder
Outlook 2003 side by side with GroupCalendar.
 Example of the Group Calendar in Outlook ® 2003 ...2 minutes after running the setup.  
Group Calendar side by side with the personal calendar!

iGroupCal lets all Mac iCal clients quickly and painlessly share calendar information with their Windows®-bound colleagues!



GroupCalendar™ is a trademark of OpusFlow b.v. Grid View © is a copyrighted description owned by OpusFlow b.v.
is a registered trademark of Microsoft® corporation. Microsoft ® is a registered trademark of Microsoft ® corporation, Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft ® corporation.


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