GroupCalendar™ for Outlook® 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007.  


Flexible - Works without a server and with a laptop on the road.
Easy to install - Start the setup, adjust one setting and the office has a shared calendar.
Easy to use - No actions required to share. Needs only one click for private or hidden appointments
Effective - Create appointments for others directly in the Group Calendar in Outlook.

- Fast & friendly helpdesk, response to email questions in under one hour, direct connect phone hotline
Fair - 3 years of free support and free updates, no annual fees, no additional costs.

GroupCalendar™ for Outlook® and the use of PDA's

What is a PDA?

A PDA (personal digital assistant) is a small mobile device that can also be used to replace a paper calendar on the road.
Most  PDA's are able to synchronize information with Outlook®. 

PDA synchronization and GroupCalendar™

GroupCalendar™ does not need special settings or add-ons to work with a PDA. Appointments created on the PDA will appear in the personal calendar and GroupCalendar™ will transfer them to the database and group calendars of the other users. It's advisable to start Outlook® before docking the PDA device in the cradle. Many PDA synchronization tools start Outlook ® partially in the background without loading the com add-ins and this could mean that the personal calendar is (for some time) not in sync with the Group. 

Sync GroupCalendar items to the personal PDA calendar.

GroupCalendar™ Version 1.6.80 and higher support the creation of group calendar appointments in the personal calendar. In those items a special category is set that you can select on your pda to switch between personal calendar and group calendar.

Outlook® calendar subfolders on a PDA

There are countless PDA devices and synchronization tools that sync up with Outlook®. Some of them are able to sync the personal calendar only and not the Group Calendar subfolder. Check the manual of your PDA to learn what the sync software is capable of.

One of the best known synchronization tools for Windows®  based PDA's is  ActiveSync ® by Microsoft ®, until now it is not capable of synchronizing subfolders of the calendar. Alternative tools like Odyssey are listed on the Slipstick website. 

One of our users reported the following:

...For the Palm based OS version 4.01 or newer a product by the name of Key Suite by Chapura.  This product allows you to connect up to 15 different folders per category (i.e. 15 different calendars, 15 different contact lists and so on) it is relatively inexpensive at $49.00 US per unit.  

For the PocketPC 2002 or newer, Window’s mobile based Pocket Mirror for Windows by Handango Software.  This product has almost the same amount of features as Key Suite and is priced the same.  I have been using both products for about 1 ˝ months and have been extremely happy. 


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