Instructions on enabling  Group Calendar on multi user workstations 
where the users have limited permissions. ( win 2000 / XP )

The user must have sufficient permissions (Change) in 'C:\Program Files\Group Calendar' or GroupCalendar will not work for that user. To install GroupCalendar for restricted users on a workstation do the following:

Changing permissions can be done in two ways. 

Using CACLS to change permissions.

Replace 'Users' by the User-name or Group-name that you want to give permissions to. To specify a Domain- Group, change 'Users' into 'YOURDOMAINNAME\GroupName'

/E              means  'Edit the existing Access control list'
/T              means  'Edit the rights for all files in the folder and subfolders'
/P Users:C  means  'Change the rights for the Users group into Change'

(*) to save time you can also add the command line to a text file which you save with the .bat extension (f.i. gcrights.bat). In the same batchfile you can import the registry entry if you add the following line to it: 
regedit.exe /S "\\yourserver\YourShare\group calendar for all users.reg" 


Using the windows GUI  to change permissions.

Open the Windows Explorer and browse to c:\Program Files\Group Calendar

Right-click on the Group Calendar folder

Choose “Sharing and Security”

Click the “ Security “ tab.

Click the “ Advanced “ button. (lower right corner).

From the list that is being displayed, select the “Users” group.

Click the “ edit “  button.

Check the “ Full control ” check box in the "Allow" column and click "OK".

Now you are back at the list with users and groups.


Make sure that both check boxes are checked that say:

“ Inherit from parent …..   & “ Replace permission entries …..”

Press OK

Click yes on the security message box

Click OK