GroupCalendar™ for Outlook® 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007.  


Flexible - Works without a server and with a laptop on the road.
Easy to install - Start the setup, adjust one setting and the office has a shared calendar.
Easy to use - No actions required to share. Needs only one click for private or hidden appointments
Effective - Create appointments for others directly in the Group Calendar in Outlook.

- Fast & friendly helpdesk, response to email questions in under one hour, direct connect phone hotline
Fair - 3 years of free support and free updates, no annual fees, no additional costs.

How to de-install GroupCalendar™ for Outlook®  

Version 1.6.85 and newer can be uninstalled directly from Control Panel > Software (add/remove programs)

To uninstall older versions you can use this instruction:

On the Keyboard press the keys Ctrl-Alt-Del

Select Task manager 
Select Processes
Select GCHelper in the process list and shut it down.

Or start this tool to close the running processes for you.


In Outlook® menu Tools - Options


Other - Advanced Options (button) 


Com Add-Ins (button)


Select Group Calendar and click Remove (button)
OK (3x)


Close  Outlook® 


Open Start, Settings, Control Panel  


Add or Remove Programs
Remove GroupCalendar 


Done !


Problems? Contact OpusFlow!
Mail: subject GroupCalendar or by phone 011 31 186 669 194


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