GroupCalendar™ for Outlook® 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007.  


Flexible - Works without a server and with a laptop on the road.
Easy to install - Start the setup, adjust one setting and the office has a shared calendar.
Easy to use - No actions required to share. Needs only one click for private or hidden appointments
Effective - Create appointments for others directly in the Group Calendar in Outlook.

- Fast & friendly helpdesk, response to email questions in under one hour, direct connect phone hotline
Fair - 3 years of free support and free updates, no annual fees, no additional costs.

Privacy aspects with regards to the use of GroupCalendar™ and what you may expect from us.

Installation of GroupCalendar™ can have the following impact on your privacy:

The information about appointments in your personal calendar will get shared amongst all other users in your network who are using the same database as you. The default setting is to share all appointments. If you want to hide certain appointments from others an additional action is required.

By ticking the Private box in an appointment (at the lower right hand corner), the appointment will become visible in the GroupCalendars of other users but all relevant details will be hidden. So the only information that is being revealed about Private appointments is start time and duration.

By entering the text string  @@@ in the large text field of an appointment, the entire appointment will be hidden for other users. The information will not even be recorded in the database. Entering @@@ in an existing appointment will make it hidden from the GroupCalendar and it will get removed from the database as if it never existed.

It's possible to never participate with any appointment in the Group Calendar while still being able to see all appointments of other users. The setting 'never participate'  in "Settings" - "Edit user info" will prevent any personal appointment from becoming visible in the Group Calendar.

It's important that you understand that GroupCalendar™ may send email to the support department of OpusFlow without asking the user for permission. From these emails OpusFlow will be able to determine the following (and nothing else but the following) :
- Your email address and email name,
- The Outlook® version (2000/2002/2003) in use and the version of the service pack,
- The  Windows® version (95/98/2000/xp) and  service pack,
- The version of windows® system components  that are important for the database connection to the shared database. 
OpusFlow b.v. will be able to determine how and where a GroupCalendar™ license is being used. This information and all other information that clients provide us with will be regarded as confidential and will never be used for other purposes than providing support for the GroupCalendar software and if needed to take legal action for stopping and preventing illegal use of a GroupCalendar™ license.

What you may expect from us.

OpusFlow b.v. is a privately owned company, founded in 1999. All shares are being held by the owners/founders of the company who are private persons. OpusFlow b.v. or its owners have no other obligations to any parties other than the Dutch law.  This means that no information about our clients can come available to third parties.
You will not receive email from us other than to support you in the use of our software. 
You should contact us if you feel you have been treated unjust or if you have suggestions to improve our service or software. You can contact us by phone on 011-31-186-669194 or by email at

OpusFlow supports various good causes and non profit organizations with a free license or at a reduced price. Organizations can request for reduced pricing by email. OpusFlow management decides solely weather or not, and at what reduction, the request can be fulfilled.