GroupCalendar Errors. 
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Some errors are text based without a number. Check the list here.

# Problem Suggestion
52 or 53 gc bug Install the latest GroupCalendar setup or change your name in the Outlook profile settings so it no longer uses sub standard characters. ( ? @ #)
91 Missing a windows dependency  Install Windows scripting Host 5.6 
W2k / XP or 98/ME/NT 4
97 or 287 or 406 gc bug Install the latest GroupCalendar setup. 
339 or 713 or 3024 Not correctly installed or insufficient user rights Re-install using this instruction
372 or 374 Outdated control Install this setup
424 buttons don't repond well. Install the latest GroupCalendar setup. 
429 or 430 or 440 Missing a windows dependency  Install Windows scripting Host 5.6 
W2k / XP or 98/ME/NT 4

Update JET following these instructions.

3024 incomplete de-install Use the FAQ to de-install correctly.
3027 or 3050 or 3051 Insufficient user rights The shared folder in which the Group Calendar.mdb is stored must have full Read/Write access enabled.  All workstations must be able to read and write in the database folder in order to create/modify the locking file. Change these file attributes or user rights for the shared folder.  (also use the instructions for error 3260)


Database not found Use a drive mapping to the shared Group Calendar.mdb file. (not unc path \\server\..)

Check your network cable and connection

Demo version 1.6.60 or earlier: stop using the demo version and violating the trial license terms!

3049 or 3343 database corrupt Open the shared database in Ms Access and it will offer to repair it.
3163 data size Please contact us on this error. We have insufficient data available on it's occurings. Please email the apoointment or screenshot of it.

Known cause:
- Selecting your personal calendar as the Group Calendar.

3167 Record not found in database
This error can result from creating a copy of an item with CTRL-Drag and editing one of the items after that.
Dont copy items in your calendar, GC can not handle that.
It results in two items in your calendar with the same GCID which should be unique per item.


3170 Missing a language specific dependency Install the latest GroupCalendar setup.
3260 or 3581 Database locked.



On the client pc:
Disable opportunistic locking by setting the following registry entry to 1



On the pc or server whare the Group Calendar.mdb file is being shared:
Disable optimistic locking by setting the following registry entry to 0




Error message containing : Suggestion
GCID When using an Exchange Server public folder as the GroupCalendar, use the last part of the install guide to correct permissions and have GC create the folder fields needed to run GC.

Delete the configuration file from c:\Program Files\Group Calendar. The file(s) to delete all have the user name in it an the 'ini' extention. (John Doe.ini)
Restart Outlook.

Delete the Group Calendar folder from Outlook and create a new folder. Select it in [Settings] - [Select Group Calendar]